Preparing Future Leaders for Africa

Empowering Young People for Success

We are an organization, whose headquarters is based in the United States of America working with a variety of countries in Africa.

Our primary goal is to help young African College students become social entrepreneurs.

One of our programs is to have these young people participate in the summer work programs the United States offers to international students.

We use this resource to help them get an exposure to life, work ethics and experience some cultural exchange while in the U.S.

Upon their return back to their countries of origin, we support them with coaching on how they can make a significant social and economic difference in Africa.

We'll begin with our Registration for the class of 2019 on July 15th (2018)

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Empowering Young Africans for the Development of Africa

Empowering 4 Success

Summer Work

You have an exposure to the professional, social and business life of American companies.

You learn from the best companies.

You get a temporary job opportunity that they can not get in their home countries.


You learn skills to help you tap into your potential. 

You acquire tools to set you up for success as an entrepreneur. 

You learn from professional coaches in the U.S.

Social Entrepreneurship

You learn how to become an agent of social and economic change. 

You acquire tools to help you with contributions that will improve life in your community. 

You are able to inspire others for social and economic development.

Our Legal Representatives in Africa

Mr. Fati F. Mazanga

Mr Fati F. Mazanga

Mr. Papy. M. Muamba

Mr. Papy M. Muamba

What People are saying about this Program

Empowering 4 Success

Generally, the program is about University students from all over the world coming to the U.S. to exchange their culture and experience what it is like living on their own in a foreign country. They get the opportunity to work while engaging in numerous cultural activities. I would encourage any university students who get the opportunity to go on the student work and travel program to do it. It's a great program , it builds one physically, mentally and emotionally. 


You Are Eligible to Participate in our Program if

  • You are between 18 and 28 years of age
  • You are a full time student for at least two years at an accredited and recognized College/University


You can register online or in person. For online registration, click the link below. Or find us at our local office. You can also call our local office using the number below.